Firecrackers hurled at Yoaz Hendel, Israeli protesters in Or Akiva

Former MK & Communications Minister yove handel On Monday, an anti-judicial reform rally in the Likud stronghold of Or Akiva was attacked with firecrackers.

Handel announced a rallying campaign last week with volunteers and reservists participating in demonstrations nationwide, particularly in cities and towns where Likud led right wing Maintaining a significant lead over the opposition group.

This is, according to the former minister, to avoid “a sad reality of disintegration due to judicial reform”, as he wrote in the invitation for volunteers and/or Akiva residents.

Likud activists stopped the rally

however, The group marching with Handel on the streets of Or Akiva was stopped by coalition activists, who told the protesters that “this is a Likud city, it’s only Bibi and [National Security Minsiter] Ben Gwyr here,” According to Ynet.

After this the protesters allegedly pelted stones firecrackers in the rally.

Former minister Yoaz Handel during a rally in Or Akiva on March 21, 2023 (Credit: Yoaz Handel)

After the incident in Or Akiva, Handel said, “The greatest challenge of the responsible right wing is to prevent the disintegration of the state.” “We are at critical moments when you need to stop and talk about everything in the government, the Knesset and the streets.”

Handel’s mission is to convince Israeli residents of Likud strongholds such as Akiva that “with all due respect to judicial reform, the Israeli people are more important.”

Handel insisted that “in Ya Akiva, I met people who want to talk … We cannot live there and are afraid to go there.”

The controversy in Or Akiva followed a violent incident in which three Likud activists were arrested for throwing eggs at protesters in the city. saturday evening protest,