Dodiya: Recovered NCOV patients tampered with sleeping pills Rajkot News – Times of India

Rajkot: After recovering from Kovid-19 in October last year, Nikhil Dodiya (name changed), a teacher, went into depression for fear that her daughter would also be infected. He could not sleep, he became irritable and once he even attacked his wife in anger. dodiya were taken Saurashtra University(SU) is the psychology department and counseling is being done daily.
despite recovering from covidThere are hundreds of people like Dodiya who have been suffering from insomnia and anxiety for months. In fact, a survey of the department has also revealed that 75 percent of the cured patients have started taking sleeping pills without doctor’s advice and most of them have got addicted to it.
The department conducted a survey of 1,170 people, of whom 54.63% admitted that they were suffering from insomnia post COVID recovery and were taking sleeping pills. About 20% were people who took sleeping pills for the first time in their lives after recovery.
According to the survey, 86.7% of the people admitted that they got used to sleeping pills, while 20% said that they could not sleep properly even after taking these medicines.
About 51% of the respondents told the surveyors that they had very poor sleep throughout the night.
Mayursinh Jadeja, President, Rajkot Chemists and Druggists Association, said, “We are expecting an increase in the sale of sleeping pills and drugs related to psychological problems as Covid cases peak later this month. Many doctors are prescribing sleeping pills because people who have recovered from Kovid are complaining of insomnia.
The collector officers provide the numbers of Kovid patients to the department for counseling. People also contact the helpline of the department for help. The purpose of the survey was to understand the psychological complexities post-Covid.