Dipika Kakar falls victim to cash on delivery SCAM, here’s everything you need to know

Dipika Kakar cod scam
Image Source : INSTAGRAM Actor Dipika Kakar

TV star and now YouTube sensation Dipika Kakar recently got scammed. Yes, you read that right. Even celebrities elude online fraud. The actor shared the unfortunate incident with her fans in her vlog. 

Warning her fans in one of her vlogs, Dipika Kakar said she has been she received a parcel around 3-4 days ago and was asked for cash-on-delivery. “For the past few days I have been experiencing a weird thing and I decided to share it with you all after cross-checking it,” she said.

Dipika Kakar gets scammed

“I usually order for Ruhaan and me. At that time I was occupied so I paid and took the parcel. But when I opened it, it wasn’t something that I ordered. Didn’t realise it before because the name, address, and even phone number on the parcel was mine,” she continued.

Kakar further said the same thing happened the next day as well. “The next day, 3-4 parcels arrived. I said that they weren’t mine. The delivery guy said the cancelled OTP would come to my phone number. I gave the OTP and he left. Again today, 2-3 parcels came and I denied they weren’t mine and I won’t give the OTP,” the actor said. 

Dipika Kakar warns fans of online scam

She further discussed this with her friend Aarti who enlightened her about the scam. Kakar then warned her fans and asked them to be careful and not accept any random parcel. “Check the seller’s section on the parcel and you will come to know whether it is genuine or a scam. Only then make your payment,” she concluded.

Recently, Bollywood actor Aftab Shivdasani lost a whopping Rs 1.50 lakh in a KYC scam. The actor clicked on a phishing link which led to the scam. 

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