Delhi Police Special Cell To Recreate Scene Of Parliament Security Breach

The Special Cell of the Delhi Police will be recreating the scene of Wednesday’s Parliament security breach by taking the accused to the Parliament complex on Saturday or Sunday, sources said.

According to sources, the accused will be taken to the Parliament to recreate the scene of the crime. This will help the police to find out how the accused entered the Parliament building with colour spray and how they executed their plan, sources from the Special Cell said.

Sources said that the Special Cell will be escorting the accused from the gate of the Parliament premises to inside the building to recreate the scene of the incident intricately.

The Special Cell team has not been able to recreate the scene after the arrest on Thursday as the proceedings of the Parliament were in progress. The team is trying to recreate the scene on Saturday or Sunday when the Parliament will not be in session.

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According to sources, the Special Cell team will also be taking the accused to their flat in Gurugram where they used to meet.

The Special Cell team has also prepared a list of 50 mobile numbers on which the accused had dialled in the last 15 days, sources said. The police are calling these numbers to take their identities.

Sources said that the Special Cell is trying to determine whether only six to seven accused were involved in the incident or they were getting help from other people as well.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has arrested the mastermind behind the entire conspiracy in the Parliament Security breach case, Lalit Mohan Jha who had fled from the spot after making a video of the incident.

“Lalit Jha reached Nagaur in Rajasthan by bus. There he met his two friends and spent the night in a hotel. When he realized that the police were searching for him, he came back to Delhi by bus,” the Delhi Police said according to a preliminary investigation.

According to the Delhi Police, “Lalit Jha came to the police station on his own after which the police arrested him and started an interrogation.”

Delhi’s Patiala House Court on Thursday granted seven days custodial remand of all four accused persons arrested in connection with the Parliament security breach matter.

Additional Sessions Judge Dr Hardeep Kaur on Thursday allowed all four accused Manoranjan D, Sagar Sharma, Amol Dhanraj Shinde and Neelam Devi to Mumbai, Mysore, and Lucknow to probe and find actual motives behind their act.

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According to the Delhi Police, the accused persons had purchased special shoes from Lucknow and canisters from Mumbai. Police informed the court that it had registered the FIR under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and had also added sections of stringent 16 (terrorism) and 18 (conspiracy for terrorism) of the UAPA Act.

Sharing details of the incident, in which two unidentified men jumped into the Lok Sabha during the Zero Hour from the visitors’ gallery and set off smoke cans that they hid in their shoes. Delhi Police stated in an official release, “All accused yesterday entered the Parliament using visitor passes and jumped from the gallery, which resulted in the hindrance during the Parliament proceedings.”

Thereafter, police stated in their plea that the accused needed to be taken to Lucknow, Mumbai and Mysore for custodial interrogation.

Meanwhile, police sources on Thursday said the four persons arrested in connection with the security breach in Parliament have taken common responsibility for the incident, adding that they were giving “rote answers” to the investigation team of the Delhi Police Special Cell in the matter.

Source: ANI