Death occurred while working out in gym, VIDEO: Half an hour exercise in Jharkhand; suffocated while lifting weights

Palamu5 minutes ago

A young man died while working out in a gym in Palamu, Jharkhand. 37-year-old Paplu Dixit was doing workouts in the gym according to his routine on Thursday. After half an hour of workout, he started hitting the press. During this, he stayed for a while and then fell down after gasping. He died on the spot. CCTV footage from inside the gym has surfaced. In which these pictures were captured.

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Heart attack can be the cause of death
The case is of Medininagar. The doctor and the gym trainer are also shocked to see this video of death. It is being speculated that the young man died due to heart attack. The video is of a fitness club located near the bus stand of Medininagar.

Paplu, a resident of Chainpur, used to work as a computer operator in Daltonganj Central Jail. He was coming to the gym everyday for the last 3 months. On Thursday morning too, he reached the gym at around six o’clock like every day. He died after exercising for half an hour.

Paplu Dixit was coming to the gym everyday for 3 months.

Paplu Dixit was coming to the gym everyday for 3 months.

According to gym operator Kaushal Yadav, Paplu did different types of workouts for about half an hour on Thursday. Meanwhile, while lifting the weight, Paplu suddenly fainted.

People present in the gym poured water on their faces. Tried to bring them to their senses. It had no effect on Paplu. He was immediately brought to MMCH for treatment. The doctors declared him brought dead after examination.

The post-mortem of Paplu’s body was conducted to give information about the cause of death. Police and family members are awaiting the report. After the incident, the gym operator closed the gym.

Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal, doctor of Sree Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Palamu said that the real cause of death will be known only after the post-mortem report. It is possible that the young man has suffered a heart attack. The gym trainer said that the exact cause of death can only be told by the doctors but the possibility of heart attack cannot be ruled out.

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