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Congress’s social media department has passed a resolution to make Rahul Gandhi the party president.

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Congress’s social media department has passed a resolution to make Rahul Gandhi the party president.

Congress’ social media department on Saturday passed a resolution to make Rahul Gandhi the party president at the earliest, saying his leadership will bring new energy to the party cadre. The resolution was passed unanimously in the “Drishti 2021” meeting of the National Executive of the Department of Social Media.

This comes after similar resolutions were passed in the national executive meetings of the Indian Youth Congress, NSUI and Congress SC/ST Department.

Rahul Gandhi attended the social media department meeting and urged the party workers to continue their fight against the ruling government with humility, truth and love.

Social media department head Rohan Gupta said Gandhi inspired party workers and spoke openly to them about their lives and answered their every question with empathy and patience.

He also appreciated the hard work and dedication of the social media workers towards the party and commitment to fight and defeat the ruling government.

“We believe that only rights-based approach, policies of justice or justice of Mr. Rahul Gandhi can save the country today. He is the only leader of the country who has shown the courage and conviction to hold the fortress of truth and welfare. of citizens.

“We are confident that the leadership of Mr. Rahul Gandhi will bring a new energy to the party cadre across India. Therefore we unanimously pass the resolution that Mr. Rahul Gandhi should take over as the President of the Indian National.

Congress at the earliest,” the resolution was passed on Saturday at the conclusion of the two-day meeting.

In another resolution passed in the meeting, the party said social media is being used by the “fascist forces” ruling the country to spread hatred and create divisions among different sections of the society.

“We resolve to fight for the idea of ​​India, as envisioned by Gandhian and Nehruvian philosophies, to save the country from the policies of partition by the ruling government.

The resolution said, “We pledge to use social media to unite people from all sections of the society. The ruling regiment is spreading fake news and misinformation using social media to drive its agenda. “

It further said that the party will expose “fake news being propagated by them” and ensure that truth and reality take center stage.

It said, “The RSS-BJP government is using PR and headline management to hide its inefficiency and misgovernance and using event management to distract people from their failures. We are without any fear and wholeheartedly. Let us resolve to bring out their reality with confidence.”

Gupta said that everyone is troubled by the ongoing incidents in the country as every single person is suffering from student community to farmers to women and oppressed sections of the society.

The resolution also said, “Not a single Indian is at peace. The economy of the country has been destroyed to please a few friends. The social fabric of this country, which was our pride and strength, has been repeatedly- The bar is getting damaged.” .

It has been alleged that those in power are being harassed and made victims of vendetta politics.

The resolution also said, “Hate crime is on the rise and criminals are getting impunity from the state. Women are not safe in this ‘New India’. Crime against women is at an all-time high.”

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