Confusion of Congress in Punjab: Not made leader of opposition party even after 21 days; Sidhu is lobbying Khaira; waiting for new head

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Confusion of Congress continues regarding Punjab. 21 days have passed since the election results were declared. Despite this, the Leader of Opposition (LOP) has not yet been made in the Legislative Assembly. Congress has become the second largest party after winning 18 seats after AAP got 92 seats in the election. Due to this delay, factionalism has started again in the Congress. A new group has been formed under the leadership of Punjab Congress chief Navjot Sidhu. Who has started lobbying to make Congress MLA Sukhpal Khaira LOP from Bhulath seat.

Navjot Sidhu has been actively meeting Congressmen for the past few days.

Navjot Sidhu has been actively meeting Congressmen for the past few days.

This MLA in the race for LOP
There are currently 4 big names in the race to become LOP in Congress. In which Pratap Singh Bajwa won from Qadian seat, Amarinder Singh Raja Wading, who won from Gidderbaha, former minister Tript Rajinder Bajwa and former deputy CM Sukhjinder Randhawa. Bajwa has got the support of Sonia Gandhi. He says that seeing the loyalty, seniority and capability of the party, an original Congressman should make LOP, not one who changes the party frequently. On the other hand, Raja Vading is close to Rahul Gandhi. Tript and Randhawa dominate the Congress in Punjab. It will be difficult for the Congress to ignore them. Sukhpal Khaira had come to the Congress before the elections, so his claim is being considered weak.

There was confusion on the CM’s face since the removal of the Captain
This confusion of the Congress party in Punjab is not new. Earlier, there was a delay regarding the removal of Captain Amarinder Singh from the CM chair. Then for three and a half months there was confusion in the name of Sunil Jakhar to Sukhjinder Randhawa. In the end, Charanjit Channi was made CM. After this the number of CM face came, then Congress kept delaying it. By then Sidhu and Channi had formed their own groups. The Congress high command and the leaders from Delhi kept giving support to both. In the end, Channi was made the CM face but could not persuade Sidhu to campaign.

Sidhu is Pradhan or not, resignation in cold storage
The Congress in Punjab is currently a victim of big factionalism. The Congress, which won 77 seats in 2017, was reduced to 18 seats. Despite this, neither Navjot Sidhu nor Charanjit Channi took responsibility for the defeat. Sonia Gandhi accepted Sidhu’s resignation, but whether he accepted it or not, no one knows. No new head was appointed. Sidhu is considered close to Priyanka Gandhi. The Congressmen of Punjab are also worried about this attitude of the Congress High Command.

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