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“Rust” actor Ian A. Hudson played a robber in his first major role in a major film, shot by the sheriff, describing a “shield” to protect the crew and cameras during the shootout scene. had gone. , but acknowledged that it exposed an artist.

Hudson said in an interview with TMZ, he “held” [his] Tongue” but noted that veteran actors double- and triple-checked weapons supplied by armor to ensure they were “cold or hot,” shorthand blanks on set or rounds fired from bullets or bullets. It filled Had happened, could have been empty.

“Many times several rounds were fired at me. I felt pieces of empty space colliding with my body and my face. I have realized [sic] A strong gust of wind hit my chest from the blank of the gun. I have been reassured that this is normal at times,” Hudson said. instagram post.

In a TMZ interview, Hudson explained the existential impact of filming the scenes on her, describing them as “profound,” and “creepy, and surreal.”

“Shot multiple times and pretending my death in front of the camera was enlightening for me in all the wrong ways. It was life threatening, it felt very real,” he said.

“I think Armorer, over time, was doing a fantastic job,” Hudson told TMZ. “In fact, I hear director Joel Souza praise him for being as safe and consistent as possible, and at the same time keeping the schedule in a hurry.”

Blaming the entire industry, Hudson said some things are still being done “the same way they did 30 years ago,” when actor Brandon Lee was killed during the filming of “The Crow.”

“This tragedy could have been avoided,” Hudson wrote in her Instagram post. “I feel as if I literally dodged a bullet. I am shaken, selfish, fearful and submissive, grateful to be alive.”

CNN has contacted Hudson, but his manager said he declined to be interviewed further at this time.

The makers of the film said in a statement released to the media on Friday that it was not aware of the security issues prior to the fatal shooting.

“The safety of our cast and crew is a top priority for Rust Productions and everyone associated with the company. While we were not made aware of any official complaints related to weapon or prop safety on set, we will review our procedures internally. while production is closed. We will continue to cooperate with Santa Fe officials in their investigation and provide mental health services to the cast and crew during this tragic time,” said Rust Movie Productions LLC.

On Monday, a source close to the production told CNN, “When it comes to safety, we’ve had three full safety meetings since we started production — and they had a full safety meeting on the day of the accident.” The notion that no one was addressing everything from covid protocols to weapons safety on sets and procedures is not correct. These are not 5 minutes (meetings).”