Clash on Singhu border: UP-Uttarakhand farmers reached Delhi border in support of Lakhbir, clashed with police

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New Delhi7 minutes ago

Twelve days have passed since Lakhbir was killed on the Singhu border, but this dispute is still not taking its name to stop. On Wednesday, farmers of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand gathered at the Singhu border in support of Lakhbir. They were trying to enter Delhi demanding a government job and compensation for Lakhbir’s family.

The police tried to stop the farmers in Narela by putting up barricades, but had to lathi-charge as the dispute escalated. Some farmers have also got hurt in this. The situation was bad on the Singhu border till late Wednesday evening. According to media reports, farmers are demanding a havan at the place where Lakhbir was killed. The police have refused permission.

Police fear of dispute situation
A large number of Nihangs are also present at the place where Lakhveer was killed. The police fear that the arrival of farmers who came in support of Lakhbir could lead to a dispute. The farmers are currently sitting on the Kundli border.

Nihang will not move from Singhu border

After the killing of Lakhbir Singh on the Singhu border on October 15, questions were raised about the presence of Nihangs in the peasant movement. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Nihang Jathebandis have announced that they will not move from the Singhu border. From here the group of Nihangs will go to different parts of Punjab and check the Gurdwara Sahib and if there is an incident of sacrilege, then Nihang will not take legal action but will take their own action. A religious Mahapanchayat was convened on the border on Wednesday on behalf of the Nihangs. In this, members and leaders of different religious organizations from Punjab reached.

Nihang will himself take action on sacrilege
Baba Raja Ram of Nihang Baba Aman Singh’s team told that now he will go to Gurdwara Sahib in Punjab also. Groups of Nihangs will check there. Where there is no watchman, there will be a watchman. He will come to Gurdwara Sahib by giving his contact number. If there is any sacrilege anywhere, he will take action in his own way, not legal.

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