Christine Quinn Accuses Ex Christian Dumontet of Not Paying $100,000 in Hospital Bills – E! Online

In her April 15 filing, Quinn alleges that that day, while she was in the master bedroom with their son, Dumontet threw a bag of recyclables, which contained glass, and she “saw brown glass in our son’s hair and on the floor.”

That’s when, per Quinn, she rushed her son to the hospital after paramedics told her he had sustained a hematoma. She also alleged that the child had cuts on his neck and head from broken glass.

In his filing, Quinn’s ex alleged he had initially confronted Quinn because her dogs peed on his items and that he observed Quinn “laying on the bed, with cleaning items, soda cans, and food waste haphazardly strewn around the room.” His documents state he asked his ex to “clean the mess” but she refused, so he “grabbed the trash bag from the floor and threw it to the side of the room.”

The filing notes that “Dumontet did not throw the bag towards Ms. Quinn, or their son” and that “there was no glass in the bag, as there was no broken glass in the room or anywhere in the house.”

A hearing was scheduled to take place April 17, court records show.

As their divorce battle continues, revisit Quinn and Dumontet’s relationship…