China Breaks Silence On Israel-Hamas War, Supports ‘Two-State Solution, Realization Of Palestinian Right To Statehood, Survival

Breaking its silence on the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning on Tuesday said Beijing hoped that the issue would be resolved in a “just and lasting manner” on the basis of the “two-state solution.”

Addressing a press briefing in the Chinese capital, Beijing, on Tuesday, Mao said, “We sincerely hope that the Palestinian question will be resolved in a comprehensive, just and lasting manner on the basis of the two-state solution. On the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, our position is highly consistent with that of the Arab states.”

Condemning the atrocities on civilians on both sides, she said her country was opposed to any violation of international law.

Stressing the need to protect civilians amid the ongoing conflict, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said the supply of humanitarian aid to Gaza was critical to preventing an ever-worsening humanitarian disaster.

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“We all hope that the fighting will stop as soon as possible in order to prevent the situation from escalating or even spiralling out of control. We oppose acts that harm civilians and oppose any violation of international law and call for protecting civilians and providing humanitarian aid to prevent an even worse humanitarian disaster,” Mao said at the briefing.

Coming out in support of a two-state solution, she said, we support the “realization of Palestinian people’s right to statehood and survival and their right of return, which we believe is the only viable way out of the Palestinian question”.

She also called for a “more authoritative, influential and broad-based international peace conference to be held as soon as possible, an early resumption of peace talks and formulation of a timetable and roadmap to that end”.

The spokesperson added that since the beginning of the “Israel-Palestine conflict”, China has maintained close communication with relevant parties, “actively participated in the consultations at the UN Security Council, and has made every effort to promote peace talks and help de-escalate the situation”.

“The international community, especially the many Arab countries, commends China’s just position and the role it has played as a responsible major country,” she added.

She stated that China will firmly support all efforts that are “conducive to dialogue, ceasefire and peace and will do its best on everything conducive to the implementation of the two-state solution and a comprehensive, just and lasting settlement of the Palestinian question”.

China was ready to work together with the international community to “make relentless efforts to that end”, she added.

Source: ANI