‘Can’t Afford To Pay Challan’, Viral Girls Apologise For Holi Stunt

“We apologize. We don’t even have the money to pay the Rs 33000 challan issued by the Noida Police over the viral video of girls playing Holi 2024 while on moving scooter”, AajTak quoted viral girls who were seen in the video.

They also said that if people thought that such videos spread obscenity, they will not make such reels in the future.

When asked about playing Holi on a moving scooter, the girls said that they were not performing any stunt, instead they are making reels on the occasion.

While seeking help, they said that they come from a very poor family and how will they pay such a huge amount. “Please help us”, they asked.

Preeti and Vineeta, were the two girls who played Holi while on the moving scooter and the Piyush was riding the vehicle. In a subsequent video, it was Preeti who fell from the scooter while filming. Additionally, a viral video featuring the Delhi Metro garnered attention, in which both girls were present.

Regarding the controversy surrounding the Metro video, both girls clarified that it was simply footage of the Metro, specifically shot on the Red Line. When questioned about the perceived obscenity of the video, Preeti expressed regret, acknowledging public sentiment, and disavowed involvement in such content, stating her preference for creating videos of mundane mishaps, such as falling down stairs. She hails from Uttarakhand but resides in Noida primarily for creating content.

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Preeti disclosed that she resides in Delhi solely for content creation due to her family’s financial constraints, which prevent her from pursuing education. She mentioned her engagement to Piyush eight months prior and her transition from solo videos to collaborative ones, particularly with Vineeta, whom she met recently.

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Vineeta shared her own journey into video creation, spanning two years, initially as a solo content creator. Motivated by the success of a video garnering two lakh views, she sought a partner, ultimately teaming up with Preeti on Instagram. Their collaboration evolved to include various genres, including romance, although they clarified that they have not featured any boys in their videos.