BTS Dances On Trending Song ‘Gulabi Sarara’

South Korean boyband ‘BTS’ dancing video on Indian song ‘Gulabi Sarara’ took Instagram by storm, as the video gathered more than 326k views and 45k comments.

Apart from likes and comments, one fact can break your heart because the video was edited by a social media account and posted on the internet. However, despite editing, the BTS moves synchronize with the Gulabi Sarara song, and it feels like the BTS made that video.

The video was uploaded on Instagram around two days back and since then it has been taking the rounds on the platform as people are loving the song.

The ‘Gulabi Sarara’ song gathered more than 13 million views in just three months of release. The song is also topped on Instagram, as influencers are using it in their short video.

Coming back to the BTS video, many users praised the editing and said, “The gulabi sarara part fits so well.” Another user from Uttrakhand commented, “I’m so proud of myself because I’m a pahadi and also in the BTS army.” The Instagram account, which posted the video, also mentioned in the caption that “BTS wants to know my location”.

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