BSP Chief Mayawati Announces Nephew Akash Anand As Political Successor

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati officially announced her nephew Akash Anand as her political successor on Sunday. Akash Anand will now face the formidable challenge of rebuilding the party and its vote base in Uttar Pradesh, the only state where the party was in power. Mayawati announced the decision during BSP’s All-India Party Meeting held in Lucknow.

BSP leader Udayveer Singh said, “BSP chief Mayawati has announced Akash Anand (Mayawati’s nephew) as her successor.”

Mayawati served as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh four times between 3 June 1995 to 18 October 1995, 21 March 1997 to 21 September 1997, 3 May 2002 to 29 August 2003 and for a full five year term between 13 May 2007 and 15 March 2012. However, since then, the party failed to repeat its performance as it lost to the Samajwadi Party in 2012 assembly elections. Since then, the party’s performance in the UP assembly and the Lok Sabha polls have been dismal.


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