Bong Joon Ho’s Mickey 17 Starring Robert Pattinson Gets A New Release Date – News18

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: February 21, 2024, 14:39 IST

Mickey 17 is adapted from Edward Ashton's novel Mickey 7. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Mickey 17 is adapted from Edward Ashton’s novel Mickey 7. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

While Mickey 17 was initially set to release in March 2024, Warner Bros has reshuffled its calendar and pushed it to January 31, 2025.

Renowned South Korean director Bong Joon Ho, celebrated for putting his nation on the global entertainment map with Parasite, is gearing up to impress audiences with his upcoming thriller, Mickey 17. Interestingly, the film features the talented Robert Pattinson in the lead role, which has created anticipation among his fans. While the movie’s release date was initially set for March 29, 2024, Warner Bros has reshuffled its calendar and pushed it to January 31, 2025. Currently in production, the upcoming thriller is directed, produced and scripted by Joon Ho himself and the film is adapted from Edward Ashton’s novel Mickey 7. Apart from the Batman star, the star studded cast includes Steven Yeun, Naomi Ackie, Toni Collette and Mark Ruffalo, in key roles.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the novel revolves around a space colonist named Mickey Barnes, known as an expendable, the seventh version of the same person. In the unique premise, every colony includes an expendable – a crewmember assigned to dangerous tasks, with the twist that they are regenerated through clone bodies after each death. The story explores the complexities of Mickey’s existence in this futuristic setting. Edward has extended the storyline with the sequel book titled, Antimatter Blues, which was published in 2023.

The release of the Robert Pattinson starrer Mickey 17 faced delays due to the SAG-AFTRA strikes. The decision to postpone the film was not unexpected, as there were no trailers released despite the original release date coming near. Last month, when Warner Bros removed the movie from the release calendar, a source close to the production informed Variety that they need additional time to complete the project. The strikes and other production shifts impacted the film’s progress.

The rescheduled release aligns with the Lunar New Year. While the film avoids direct clashes with major releases, it will be released closely after Paddington in Peru, which is set to debut on January 17. Additionally, Marvel Studios has plans to release Captain America: Brave New World featuring Anthony Mackie on February 14. The movie marks Bong Joon Ho’s first feature film since the groundbreaking success of Parasite, which not only became the highest grossing Korean film but also became the first non-English language movie to win the Best Picture at the Oscars.

The new release date for Mickey 17 in January 2025 enables the film to debut in IMAX, as this wouldn’t have been possible before due to the release of other major titles on the originally planned dates.