BJP-RLD Coalition Confirmed, Consensus Formula Established

That the India Bloc will suffer a serious setback before of the Congress’s Bharat Jodo Yatra‘s arrival in Uttar Pradesh is a given. The BJP and RLD have nearly reached a consensus over their partnership for the next Lok Sabha elections. Anytime can be used to announce seat alliance. The top leaderships of the BJP and RLD have been in talks for a very long time. Positive outcomes have also begun to appear.

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BJP-RLD Is All Set To Form An Alliance

Sources claim that the BJP and RLD have completed their partnership. RLD is planning to run for two Lok Sabha seats. Baghpat and Bijnor will occupy these two seats. In addition, one Rajya Sabha seat would go to Jayant Chaudhary’s RLD party. In two or three days, the two parties will declare their alliance.  On February 14, Rahul Gandhi will lead the Congress’s Nyaya Yatra into Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh. The yatra will then continue in the state for an additional eleven days.

Let us inform you that Jayant Chaudhary and his party are members of the RLD ‘India’ block and will be fighting alongside them in the general elections, as per the opposition parties’ persistent claims. Jayant hasn’t said anything about it, though. It is believed that he had left both of his doors ajar.

Western Uttar Pradesh is thought to be predominantly Jat, Muslim, and farming. There are 27 Lok Sabha seats in all, and the BJP won 19 of them in the 2019 elections. On the other hand, the opposition alliance won eight seats. Four of these ended up in SP’s account and four in BSP’s. However, RLD failed to secure a seat. Jayant did not receive any backing from the Jat community in Western UP.

RLD Had Also Also From Muzaffarnagar

In collaboration with the SP-BSP, Jayant Chaudhary’s RLD party ran for three seats in the 2019 general elections, placing second in each case. Jayant Chaudhary ran for office from his home constituency of Baghpat, but he was defeated by Dr. Satpal Malik of the BJP by a margin of twenty-three thousand votes. Hema Malini had to defeat RLD’s Kunwar Narendra Singh, who was from Mathura. Similarly, Ajit Singh lost to BJP candidate Sanjeev Baliyan by over 6500 votes in his maiden fight from the Muzaffarnagar seat, which is thought to be extremely secure for Jats. Congress also backed Ajit and Jayant Chaudhary in addition to the SP-BSP. The Chaudhary family was forced to leave the general election empty-handed for the second time in a row.

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