Bike blown into pieces at railway track, commuter suffers narrow escape: Watch

Road accidents have been on a continuous rise since forever in India, making it essential for commuters to take all the precautionary and necessary measures to ensure their safety. Recently, a video went viral where a commuter’s bike was seen stuck on the railway track crossing and was blown into pieces by the passing train. The incident reportedly happened in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh where a man can be seen trying to cross the railway track crossing on his bike. However, his bike got stuck on the railway tracks as he tried to move behind. The commuter tried to pick the bike up but before he could, a speeding train ran over the bike, blowing it into pieces. 

The man had a narrow escape as he left the vehicle mid-way and ran away. The broken pieces of the bike can be seen in the video. A Twitterati shared the video which has surfaced widely on social media platforms. “WATCH – Commuter’s bike gets stuck on railway crossing track in Etawah, blown to pieces by passing train,” read the tweet. 

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The incident took place on August 26, and the railway police filed a complaint against the man. Rail road accidents have been on a rise since a decade. Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh have th emaximum number of rail-road accidents as per the govt data.

Maximum railway-road accidents have been reported in Maharashtra accounting for 23.0% (6,349 out of 27,643 cases) followed by Uttar Pradesh (11.8%) (3,272 cases). To ensure passenger safety and stop rail-road accidents, required steps should be taken for the same by the concer ed authorities.