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Union cabinet may approve new military recruitment scheme

The new Agneepath Recruitment Scheme for induction of soldiers in the three defense services is likely to be approved by the Union Cabinet soon. A high-level meeting comprising top government functionaries and top military leaders is scheduled to take place today to discuss the final outline of the Agneepath recruitment scheme, under which soldiers will be recruited for four-year terms in the three services.

All you need to know

  1. The new military recruitment scheme is part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s major reform agenda.
  2. The move is expected to bring down the expenditure and age profile of the defense forces.
  3. Agneepath scheme is a new name given to ‘Tour of Duty Entry Scheme’ by the Indian Army.
  4. Presently, a presentation on the plan planned by the Department of Military Affairs, headed by Additional Secretary Lt Gen Anil Puri, is to be placed before the government in the meeting.
  5. As per the initial plans, after an initial training of about six months, around 20-25 per cent of the recruited youths known as ‘Agnivars’ will be given longer tenures, while others will be released with a severance package. Which will be around Rs 10. 1.2 million.
  6. If the project goes according to plan, the recruitment process for the first batch of Agniveers may start in the next three to four months.
  7. The forces will also have the option of recruiting specialists for specific tasks who will perform the desired role.
  8. As per the plan, the soldiers who have been released from service will be provided assistance for appointment to civilian jobs.
  9. Many corporates have shown interest in availing the services of such ‘Agniwar’ as they would benefit from hiring such trained military-trained disciplined manpower.
  10. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the recruitment of soldiers in the armed forces was put on hold.

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