Asim Riaz Tweets ‘People Get Over Loved Ones So Soon’, Clarifies It’s Not About Shehnaaz Gill

The tragic death of popular TV actor Siddharth Shukla left everyone in shock including his family and alleged girlfriend Shehnaaz Gill. Since the actor’s demise, the actress has kept a low profile on social media, attempting to deal with the situation. On Monday, the Punjabi singer and actress was seen dancing happily with friends at manager Kaushal Joshi’s engagement ceremony, leaving her fans very happy. However, late night a tweet by Bigg Boss 13 runner-up Asim Riaz angered him.

The model shared a cryptic post on Twitter about people moving on soon after their loved one passed away. Fans thought that Asim was talking about Shehnaaz, because recently dancing clips of the singer-actress surfaced online. He wrote, “Just saw some dancing clips… seriously people talk to their loved ones so soon what’s the matter (amazing)……. #New World.”

Fans are slamming Asim Riaz for his tweet, with many claiming that he should be the last person to discuss the complexities of relationships. After his cryptic tweet, the ‘Shame on Asim’ trend went viral on Twitter.

In defense of the late actor, a user tweeted, ‘Ppl deal with your loved ones so soon. For example, a snake named Asim climbed on his friend Sid for a girl, abused her late father, cursed him, tortured him. Also, Asim was releasing his carp rap songs just 2 days after the death of Sid. So yes guys, #NewWorld”.

While another wrote, ‘Always stood by you, gave you the levy, tried to keep the brotherhood alive, because Sid loved you. My Sid never liked the wrong people. I have nothing to say today. So disappointed Asim. It is for anyone, everyone has the right to live his life the way he wants…”

However, Asim Riaz’s cousin Noman Elahi came to his defense on Twitter, writing, “Guys you need to chill.. I personally called @imrealasim and asked him.. He said Noman Meri Apna Zindagi And my friends too…..It was not for him but for him..remember- whenever they needed him,he was always first for everyone. We are with Asim Riaz”

Asim later posted a clarification on Instagram saying that he was referring to other friends and not who the people are making it up to.

For the untold, there were videos and pictures of Shehnaaz Gill from her manager’s engagement party that went increasingly viral yesterday. The BB13 finalist danced happily to the tunes of Zingaat with her friends, dressed in a shimmery black one-piece, black strappy heels and minimal jewellery.

Ever since Bigg Boss 13, the relationship of late Sidharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Gill and Asim Riaz has been strained as they participated in the show. When the latter expressed respect for the former’s family after Siddhartha’s death, he only had positive things to say about the actor, which meant that hatred was buried and differences were forgotten. Was.

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