Ashes 2021-22 2nd Test, Day 5: Australia v England – LIVE – Henry Club

Hello everyone and hello. If you’re still set to take the final taste of this Test in England, I don’t know what to say. You are Ok? Why?

No, all the power to you. Wouldn’t it be unbelievable if England lost to Adelaide 1-0 only in an incredible turn?

But, the chances of this happening are very less. Instead, we’ve gathered today to see the administration of the funeral and all that. Australia need six wickets, England either have to score an infinite number of runs or bat for an infinite amount of time. Or at least it seems so. Looking at Nathan Lyon’s turn last night, life is going to be really tough for the men who come after Joe Root.

At the same time, things have started getting a bit complicated on the Kovid front. I am told that a large number of print journals and broadcasters have fled from Adelaide to Melbourne. While the press may enjoy considering itself critical of the game’s distribution – the point is more significant as it underscores the growing fear that the virus could compromise everyone.

Anyway, I’m here mainly to analyze the former, but as it develops, possibly the latter as well. Is there any hope on both fronts? Tell me. i’m on [email protected] or on twitter @sjjperryThe first ball is in 40 minutes. Stokes and Pope… is there any light here?