Arrested terrorist escapes, attacks IDF soldiers before being shot

It was reported that a terrorist who was arrested overnight in the Gaza Strip attempted to attack Israeli security forces while they were transferring him for interrogation in Israeli territory. 

The terrorist, bound by plastic handcuffs, began to attack an IDF soldier as well as a female soldier from the military police as they tried to re-handcuff him with metal handcuffs after the initial interrogation.

The combat unit present at the scene opened fire and eliminated the terrorist.

The incident is under review

According to military sources, the incident is under investigation. Further, procedures regarding the arrest of terrorists in Palestinian territory and their subsequent transfer to the military police in Israeli territory are under review.

Israeli soldiers at the Jabalya refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, during an Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip, December 12, 2023. (credit: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90)

“A terrorist who was arrested during operational activity in the Gaza Strip attempted to attack an IDF soldier while being transferred to Israeli territory,” the IDF stated. “The combat team accompanying the detainee engaged him, opened fire, and killed the terrorist. There are no casualties to our forces. The circumstances of the case are under investigation.”