Army Chief General Naravane called for global cooperation to deal with any pandemic-like situation. India News – Times of India

Pune: Army Chief General MM Naravane said on monday outbreak of covid-19 taught everyone a lot, and highlighted the importance of global and regional cooperation when dealing with any pandemic situation,
He was speaking at the inauguration of PANEX-21, a trans-national, multi-agency exercise held in Pune from December 20 to 22, aimed at “promoting jointness and developing capabilities”. disaster management aspect For BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) Nations”.
General Naravane said covid-19 pandemic Many lessons have been taught to everyone around the world in terms of preventive control, mitigation strategies and protocols.
“We all have seen in recent times the massive disaster caused by the COVID-19 pandemic from late 2019 all over the world and which is still wreaking havoc in many countries,” he said.
“India has already seen its worst effects during the second wave in April-May 2021, during which we have lost a lot of precious lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has, in fact, prompted the world community to respond and mitigate the challenges. kept together.” At the earliest,” he said.
He said that the development of various vaccines and vaccination campaigns to vaccinate the citizens at the earliest is a big step in this regard.
“The outbreak of the pandemic has seen the world community not only in an escalation of circumstances with incredible and far-reaching levels of cooperation between each other, but also to provide assistance in terms of medicines and other administrative needs of the affected states during these trials. also received. times,” he said.
General Naravane said that the country is well aware that a Natural disaster Can’t wait for the pandemic situation to subside.
“Furthermore, a dual disaster is a current reality for which we must be prepared, in order to minimize its impact on our population. Therefore, the importance of international cooperation is imperative to achieve regional cooperation on this. BIMSTEC is one such The group is member nations that share many similarities and have been involved culturally and economically for many years,” he said.
Apart from India, the BIMSTEC regional organization includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand.