Armed drones and rocket launchers: IDF thwarts imminent Hamas attacks in central Gaza Strip

The combat teams of the 401st Brigade, Nahal, the 215th Fire Brigade, and other units under the command of the 162nd Division, in cooperation with IDF aircraft, killed Hamas terrorists and destroyed Hamas infrastructure during continued operations in the center of the Gaza Strip, the IDF announced on Wednesday.

In one of the attacks, an aircraft attacked a terrorist squad that was operating an armed drone that was targeting IDF soldiers operating in the area.

In additional attacks, Air Force aircraft, in cooperation with the 215th Fire Brigade, attacked a number of rocket launchers ready to be launched into Israel

Over the last day, Nahal Brigade fighters eliminated a terrorist who was detected operating an additional drone near the soldiers. In addition, Nahal snipers killed a terrorist who was detected moving toward them.

IDF soldiers operate in the central Gaza Strip, April 17, 2024 (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

IDF destroys tens of targets throughout the Gaza Strip

Over the past day, fighter jets and aircraft of the Air Force attacked more than 40 terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip, including underground launch sites, trapped buildings, military buildings including armed terrorists, observation posts, underground terrorist infrastructures, and other military infrastructures.