Anand Mahindra Compares Dubai Floods To Mumbai After Heavy Rains, Gets Criticised – News18

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 Due to flooding, schools and offices have been shut in Dubai. (Photo Credits: X)

Due to flooding, schools and offices have been shut in Dubai. (Photo Credits: X)

Business tycoon Anand Mahindra shared a video showing the flooded roads of Dubai and compared it with Mumbai rains.

Heavy rains in Dubai caused severe flooding, leading to submerged vehicles and disrupted daily life in the United Arab Emirates. Social media platforms are filled with images and videos of the impact on the city streets. As a result, authorities took swift action as they decided to close schools and implement remote work to ensure safety. Amidst the chaos, renowned Indian entrepreneur Anand Mahindra captured the attention of social media users after he shared a video showing the flooded roads of the UAE capital. In his post, Mahindra compared the situation with India’s entertainment and financial capital and wrote, “Nope. Not Mumbai. Dubai.”

Soon after the business tycoon’s post went viral, it garnered mixed reactions from users. While some criticized him for mocking the situation, others defended his perspective and argued that Mahindra was just stating a fact, instead of making a joke.

In response to Mahindra’s comparison, a user questioned the relevance of his comparison and called it incorrect. They compared the entrepreneur’s analogy of someone from Oslo making jokes about snow in Mumbai. The user wrote, “Incorrect analogy. Dubai was not built for such heavy rains – rains that would flood most cities. A better analogy would be if it suddenly snowed heavily in Bombay, which was not built to handle snow at all. Would people in snowy Oslo mock Bombay?”.

Meanwhile, a user was quick to defend the Chairperson of Mahindra and Mahindra and wrote, “Anand Mahindra is not mocking Dubai, merely stating a fact that Mumbai does look like that often when it rains, but it’s Dubai this time. Dubai or any country specially built with modern infrastructure can never, I repeat never overrule any weather conditions and therefore must be built foolproof. Dubai may not have massive rains but it sits next to the ocean therefore it cannot possibly not have the best drainage system possible.”

The individual further pointed out that overuse of cloud seeding has played a major role in heavy rainfall. “Your statement is biased for you like and probably love Dubai to the extent that you think it can never make a Mistake, it is nearly perfect, unlike Mumbai. It’s not,” the X user added.

Amidst the heavy rains, not only schools and offices but also premium shopping destinations like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates have been affected. Social media videos show ankle-deep in major spots. To ensure safety, the Dubai International Airport has begun diverting incoming flights until weather conditions improve.