After his comments on Jai Bhim, #WeStandWithSanthanam trends on Twitter

Jai Bheem starring South’s superstar Suriya was released Amazon Prime Video from earlier this month. The story of the film revolves around a lawyer who fights for people harassed by police officers. But soon after his release, the Vanniyar Sangam community alleged that their people were portrayed in a derogatory manner. Pattali Makkal Katchi reprimanded the actor and asked the makers to remove some scenes from the film.

A few days later, actor Santhanam commented on the issue, and his comment created a problem for him. For what he said about Surya and Jai Bheem, while one section of people is targeting him, another section is supporting him.

Media reports say that actor Surya has also received death threats and angry people also burnt his posters. After this, a hashtag #WeStandWithSuriya started trending on Twitter. Many people are commenting in support of the actor. And now another hashtag #WeStandWithSanthanam is trending on Twitter.

Responding to the media at an event, Santhanam said that it is not wrong to uplift someone in any film. He gave an example that if someone is expressing views on Hindus, there is nothing wrong in calling them great or super. It is wrong to call Christians inferior or wrong. Also it is wrong to express views about a film without watching it. A film can be criticized and questioned and mistakes must be corrected.

Santhanam said that one can avoid being brought down to lift someone up, adding that good films should be given to the next generation. Since the audience sits in the theater for 2 hours forgetting the distinction of religion and caste, the film they watch should be a feast for that (Ekta) and that is their intention.

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