African Misal: This Version of Misal is Making Food Lovers Take a Trip to Pune

Misal Pav is one of the most-loved dishes, and a must-try when it comes to Maharashtrian cuisine (Representational image)

Misal Pav is one of the most-loved dishes, and a must-try when it comes to Maharashtrian cuisine (Representational Image)

A special version of Missal is now making headlines in Pune. This dish, known as African Misal, is catching everyone’s attention

Misal has a special place in the long list of favorite food items of Maharashtrians. A different type of misal is available in each city of Maharashtra. Being a city of foodies, Pune has several unique hotels in every locality that serve their own special versions of misal. Due to the fierce competition, in order to provide the best taste, all the hoteliers try to make their misal preparation unique and delicious. Due to this, some businessmen of Pune are also adopting some tricks. They have introduced a new flavor in Misal known as African Misal, which is available at Tilak Road, Pune. In a very short span of time this missal has become very popular among the people.

Bappa Misal, a famous food joint on Tilak Road, Pune, is serving African Misal since last one and a half years. The dish gets its name from the African ingredients that are used to prepare this version. It is served in bani chow, which is usually a hollow bread loaf with curry in the middle. Hence, it is known as an African mix among Punekars. The owner of this hotel, Vivek Kulkarni, has shared the recipe of how to make this version of Misal.

African example

“While making Bunny Chow Misal, the main piece is a big loaf of bread. It is cut into three parts. The bread is cut into a perfectly square shape and the center of that bread is separated. Then butter is applied all around this bread and it is baked on a griddle. Once this is done, potato curry, chivda, gravy and chav misal are added to it, which is then served with onions and paneer,” shared Kulkarni.

This misal, prepared and served in the African style, is a big hit with Punekars. Kulkarni points out that people from other cities also come to Pune to eat this now famous version of misal.

This chow made in Bappa Misal is not only famous, but at the same time, the people of Pune will get to taste other dishes of different names and tastes. Various innovative variants like Pehlwan Vada, Special Misal Thali, Misal Pizza and Jain Misal are also available at the outlet.