Actor Manikandan Pattambi To Make Directorial Debut With Panchayat Jetty – News18

Ranjin Raj will compose music with lyrics by Santosh Varma.

Ranjin Raj will compose music with lyrics by Santosh Varma.

The mahurat of the Panchayat Jetty is scheduled for December 18.

Panchayat Jetty, directed by Manikandan Pattambi and Salim Hassan, is produced by Sapta Tarang Creations Private Limited in collaboration with Govind Films. The ‘mahurat’ of Panchayat Jetty is scheduled on December 18 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM at Ernakulam IMA, taking place in the hall. The Public Relations Officers for the event are A.S. Dinesh and Vazhur Jose. The cast includes Salim Hassan, Niaz Bakar, Vinod Kovoor, Unniraj, Mani Shornoor, Riaz, and many others, totalling more than fifty actors.

Krish Kaimal is in charge of cinematography, while Ranjin Raj composes the music featuring lyrics by Santosh Varma. Shyam Sasidharan handles editing, Prem Pepko and Balan K. Mangat serve as executive producers, and Baburaj Manissery takes on the role of production controller. Sabumohan oversees the art direction, Hassan Vandoor manages makeup, and Arun Manohar works as the costume designer. Salish Peringottukara is responsible for stills, Yellow Teeth handles advertising art, and Arun Verma manages sound design. Rajesh Adoor is the associate director, and Prabhakaran Kasargod serves as the production executive.

Manikandan initially garnered attention with his debut in Mankolangal (2000), a film showcased at IFFK, Toronto, and Dhaka film festivals. Despite facing challenges, he embraced the lessons life taught him. Reflecting on his journey, Manikandan appreciates the acknowledgement he received as an actor in Mankolangal. Notably, editor Ranjan Abraham’s recommendation led him to meet director Lal Jose, and Manikandan, carrying the film’s videotape, took this opportunity to connect with him.

Manikandan reflected on his role as gravedigger Kumaran in Sufiyum Sujathayum, acknowledging it wasn’t the most challenging but appreciates the impact it’s having. Initially hesitant due to location constraints, he credits director Shanavas Naranipuzha and producer Vijay Babu for convincing him. Manikandan is pleased that the film carries a message capable of dispelling negativity, expressing happiness that his performance is gaining recognition.

Sufiyum Sujathayum made its OTT debut on July 3, 2020, marking Manikandan’s breakthrough in the ‘small screen’ movie realm. Reflecting on the industry dynamics, he emphasizes the significance of popularity over talent and performance. While acknowledging the appeal of his roles in films like Odum Raja, Adum Rani, Chapters, and Ee Adutha Kalathu, he notes that success at the box office doesn’t always align with the perceived quality of a role.