Abhimanyu to dress up as ‘Bhanupriya’ in Sundar Manamadhe Bharli

Popular Marathi series Sundar Manamadhe Bharli is known for its twists and turns. Audiences adapt to the many plots it offers and are glued to the screen. Now there is going to be a new entry in this hit show. A new female character named Bhanupriya will be introduced to the public in the coming days.

A video of this new entry has recently surfaced. The video has been posted on Rajshree Marathi’s Instagram handle. In the video, the new character Bhanupriya is seen dancing and having fun. It seems that this is no ordinary woman. If reports are to be believed, Bhanupriya is actually in the disguise of Abhimanyu. No one knows why he took this disguise, but fans are hopeful that some answers will be available soon.

At present, the audience is very fond of this look of Abhimanyu. Different types of funny comments are coming on the video. Some of them are jokingly referring to Bhanupriya as “Vishnupriya’s aunt”.


In the video posted by Rajshree Marathi, Bhanupriya is seen wearing a red saree and green bangles. He has also put rose flower in his hair. With Abhimanyu dressing up as a woman, it looks like a fun and exciting time for the viewers.

In Sundar Manamadhe Bharli, Abhimanyu and Latika get caught in an unhappy marriage due to some fights that are going on between them. Both started their married life in a very poor way, but things are slowly improving.

During this journey, Abhimanyu slowly starts changing his perception about Latika and falls in love with her because of her beautiful nature. They have also started to realize that a person’s temperament is more important than their outward appearance.

We will not reveal much more about the upcoming episodes and plot twists of Sundar Manamadhe Bharali, stay tuned and enjoy.

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