5 key features iPhone users will have to wait for even after iOS 15 rolls out – Times of India

Apple iOS 15 Now in the final beta stages. The company had announced iOS 15 OS Update For iPhone Users back in June WWDC 2021 – With other operating system updates ready to be rolled out to other Apple devices. Now, . as expected month of ios 15 update The rollout approach, Apple is in the phase of refining the features.
According to a report from 9to5Mac, some previously announced features have been removed with the rollout of developer beta 6 of iOS 15 ahead of the official release of the new version of iOS as they “are not working properly yet, so engineers He needs more time for this. Fix everything.”
Here’s a look at these features:
This feature allows iPhone users to share the handset’s screen with other people via FaceTime. It also includes support for sharing songs or videos. This feature was available to developers and other beta users but has now been removed.
Apple hasn’t given an official reason for this, but has only said that it will be “enabled for re-use in a future developer beta release and launched to the public in a software update later this fall.”
App Privacy Report
With iOS 15, Apple said it will add a new app privacy report, which will highlight the details of data and sensors accessed by all apps in the past seven days. However, this feature has also been put on hold for the time being.
universal control
One of the most prominent features at WWDC was Universal Control. To recall, this feature allowed users to have up to two additional devices using their main computer’s keyboard and mouse.
Since this feature hasn’t been added to any beta update yet, it’s likely that the first public release of iOS 15 will not come with this feature.
custom email domain
With iOS 15, Apple had to enable support for users to use their own domains to customize iCloud email addresses, however, this feature is not yet made available to iOS 15 beta users as well.
legacy contacts
This feature was present in the iOS 15 beta until the fourth beta rolled out. But after that it was removed. This feature allows Apple users to set up a “legacy contact” in their Apple ID in the event of death.
After providing proof of death of the person concerned, these accounts will be able to access your account and data even without your password.


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