3 live flies removed from eyes: successful operation of American woman in Delhi, 6 weeks of trouble ended in just 15 minutes

new Delhi12 minutes ago

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Three live botfly have been removed from the eye of a woman at Fortis Hospital in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj. The woman was complaining of itching and swelling in the eye for about 4-6 weeks. As the problem escalated, she went to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a botfly in her eye. The doctor has taken out all the flies by doing an operation. The size of these flies was 2cm.

woman returned from amazon
Actually, a 32-year-old American woman went to the Amazon forest two months ago. After returning, he started having trouble in his eyes. The right eyelid swelled up and the woman felt something inside her eyelids. When the problem got worse, the woman went to the doctor, but the botfly could not be removed.

surgery without anesthesia
After this the woman contacted Delhi’s Fortis Hospital and here in just 10-15 minutes surgery, all three botfly were removed from her eye. The special thing is that during the operation, the woman was not given anesthesia (sedation injection). The woman was released from the hospital shortly after the surgery.

what is botfly
Myiasis or botfly is an infection of a fly larva (magot) in human tissue. It occurs in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

woman could have lost her life
Dr. Mohd Nadeem, consultant and head of the emergency department at the hospital, said that there was a very rare case of myiasis. We have removed three live flybots from the patient’s eye, the woman is completely healthy. If myiasis is not removed, the woman can have serious problems in the eyes, nose and face, even death.

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