फीचर आर्टिकल: भारत के नंबर-1 शेविंग क्रीम ब्रांड Vi-John ने इस तरह पूरी कीं दुनिया के एक बड़े धार्मिक समारोह में पुरुषों की शेविंग जरूरतें

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  • This is how V John, India’s No.1 shaving cream brand caters to men’s shaving needs at one of the world’s largest religious events

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During the Magh Mela festival held at Sangam in Prayagraj, a campaign “Shaving Se Snan Tak” encouraged devotees to shave before taking a dip in the holy Sangam.

Magh Mela is a major annual festival held in the month of Magh (January/February) in Sangam area of ​​Prayagraj. It is one of the largest religious celebrations in the world. Crores of devotees participate in it every year. This time more than 9 crore devotees participated in the 45-day fair. Some dates like Amavasya and Makar Sankranti are considered especially sacred in the fair. A large number of devotees gather during this time. Taking a dip in the Sangam on the occasion of Magh Mela is considered to be of great importance. In addition to religious, educational and spiritual programs, discourses of saints, donations and bhandara for monks and poor are also organized in the fair. There are also means of entertainment in this community festival.

During the fair, a large number of devotees stay near the Sangam bank for about 45 days and perform rituals by bathing in the river as per Hindu religious beliefs.

Keeping in mind the needs of the devotees in the fair, arrangements are made by the government and various organizations. However, there was no solution to his grooming needs.

Vi-John as a brand made a unique effort this time to fill this gap. Vi-John, the largest selling shaving cream brand in India by volume, launched a unique campaign called “Shaving Se Snan Tak” at Magh Mela. During this initiative, devotees were encouraged to shave before taking a dip in the holy Sangam.

Special shaving zones were set up by Vi-John at the ghats near the Sangam, where devotees were given the opportunity to shave absolutely free of cost. Many devotees thronged the stalls to avail the professional services of the barbers and groom themselves by getting a shave. During this time, people were also given the option to shave themselves using products like Vi-John’s shaving foam and after-shave lotion in the shaving zone.

Commenting on the initiative, Ashutosh Chowdhary, GM (Marketing), Vi-John said, “With such a large gathering of devotees, we realized that there were not enough arrangements to cater to their specific need. A national reach Being a Vi-John brand, we set up our stalls at suitable places in the fair to fill this gap. During this time people used and appreciated Vi-John brand products with great enthusiasm. More than 12,000 people visited this fair. Experienced shaving with Vi-John products.

The brand was prominently displayed through hoardings and inflatables in the Mela grounds. A sales stall was also set up in the activation zone where attractive deals were offered to the consumers. A large number of people also took advantage of this.

Overall, it was one of its kind initiative from Vi-John. Never before had there been an attempt to create a shaving zone at religious ceremonies. Vi-John’s brand vision is “Grooming India” and “Shaving Se Snan Tak” is a visible proof of its success.

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