एक जुलाई से श्रीखंड महादेव की यात्रा: बरसात को देखते हुए जल्दी शुरू करवाने की तैयारी, 32 किलोमीटर का है पैदल सफर

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The journey of Shrikhand Mahadev, which is one of the most difficult religious journeys in the world, can start from July 1 this time. Keeping in view the rains, Shrikhand Yatra Trust has prepared a proposal to hasten this journey. This proposal can be approved in the meeting to be held in Kullu on May 29.

It is being told that Shrikhand Yatra Trust has currently prepared two proposals for this religious journey. In the first proposal, it is mentioned to travel from July 1 to 15 and in the second proposal from July 5 to 20, because the delay in starting the journey sometimes hinders it.

Due to heavy rains, many times the road and roads break down. Due to landslides at many places, the safety of the devotees is in danger. Rivers and drains are in spate. Due to this, there is always a fear of loss of both life and property. In such a situation, many times the journey has to be stopped.

Some devotees return without darshan
That’s why many devotees are forced to return without darshan. In view of this, the trust is trying to start this religious journey soon. Last year this yatra was started from 11th July. The final date of the yatra will be decided in the meeting to be held on May 29 and its preparations will be reviewed.

Devotees reach Shrikhand from all over the country
In the Shrikhand Yatra, apart from Himachal, a large number of devotees from every corner of the country and Nepal also reach for darshan. That’s why it will be a challenge for the district administration and Shrikhand Trust to ensure the safety of people’s lives. To make this journey accessible, the Shrikhand Trust Committee and the District Administration make base camps at various places. During this, about 130 employees are deployed for rescue.

There is a lack of oxygen many times during this journey.
To reach Shrikhand Mahadev at an altitude of 18,570 feet, devotees have to travel 32 kilometers on foot. Devotees also have to cross many ice glaciers in narrow paths. Due to the high altitude, many times the oxygen level also decreases here. Due to this the devotees have to face difficulties.

There are some areas ahead of Parvati Bagh, where some devotees face huge problems due to lack of oxygen. In such a situation, if such devotees are not treated or taken back down in time, then there is a danger for the devotees.

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