Zwigato Review: Kapil Sharma Shines In Nandita Das’ Moving Tale of Struggling Working Class

reported by, Disha Sharma

Last Update: March 17, 2023, 08:04 AM IST

As I sit down to write this review, the doorbell rings and the delivery person drops off my food order. Now after offering him a glass of water every day, he would have closed the door by assuring him of a good rating. But today, I stood at the door for a while, thinking about his family. That is the impression Nandita Das left on me with Zwigato.

Based in the city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Jwigato puts the spotlight on Manas (played by Kapil Sharma), who is trying to make ends meet as a food delivery man after losing his steady job at a factory. Moving from Jharkhand to Odisha in the hope of a better standard of living, Manas is now tasked with feeding a household of five, including his wife Pratima (played by Shahana Goswami), their two children and his ailing mother Are included. competitive job.

In the race to complete 10 deliveries in a day in the hope of promotion, Manas goes through all kinds of situations, some of which even make it to the news. Meanwhile, his wife tries to help by doing small jobs. The dire state of the job market takes a toll on them and their families. With Zwigato, director Nandita Das brings to the fore the story of the working class that we see every day but rarely see on the big screen.

Having co-written the film with Sameer Patil, Nandita draws you into her carefully layered world and gets you invested in the story almost immediately. On the surface, Nandita would have you believe that Zwigato is a simple, yet serious life-story. It serves as a reminder that delivery executives are people at the end of the day, subtly making you reconsider your attitude towards them, somewhere even urging you to be a little kinder towards them.

However, looking at it from a larger lens, Nandita’s film carefully touches upon the various social discriminations faced by the working class without being preachy or making political commentary. For example, when Pratima offers to do the job, Manas urges her to drop Akanksha as ‘he seems worried.’ However, when his ailing mother needs assistance and Pratima is a little late, a frustrated Manas yells at her, asking what will happen to her mother if Pratima is working, giving her her aspiration again. Reminds me to pay, even if it means no money. Home.

Or in another scene where the delivery executive is asked not to use the lift or even enter a high-end restaurant because he is a delivery man, then social distancing is observed. Showcasing the effect of good writing and acting, these scenes stay with you long after the film is over. It is surprising to see that in this film of less than two hours, Nandita not only tells the story of the delivery man but also sheds light on many social issues. However, in parts of the film, the stars of the film feel like an arrangement of social scenarios with Manas as a pawn while losing his connection with the central character.

The writing is well supported by the actors Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami. While Kapil lets go of his charming, humorous side to play a serious, struggling delivery man for the film, Nandita makes sure to give him a few lines for humour. It reminded me that even in the worst of situations, most people don’t forget to crack a joke or two.

Kapil effortlessly conveys the frustration of a working-class, middle-class man with all things clinging to him. If he can perform like this without any humorous strings, then Kapil should experiment more. Shahana as a fearless yet aspirational wife wants to make you root for her and her happiness.

Although this film is like a mirror of the society, but it may not be for everyone. The film has been shot in art-house style cinematography which will not appeal to everyone. The movie doesn’t really have a twist or a big ending unlike the usual Bollywood Movies, which can bore people. But still, I suggest that if you enjoy cinema, give Zwigato a chance.

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