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dog Show: On Saturday, the opening day of Delhi’s Pet Fed festival, which made its return to the capital after an absence of three years, the NSIC Okhla Maidan turned into a chaotic battlefield of pets and their owners. Petfed is the perfect winter weekend picnic with your pets, with Shih Tzus snapping and barking at each other, St. Bernards slobbering over full food bowls, Labradors screeching in their “pet parents” grooming booths, Lets drag through a maze of toy racks and playpens.

Let’s rewind it a bit, the festival first started in 2014 and has become a rage in 2016 with over a thousand visitors each year.

On Sunday, the Delhi Police Dog Squad will present a unique exhibition on how police dogs are trained to detect explosives, follow commands and attack. An international cat show sponsored by the Cat Club of India and Global Feline Club, a grooming master class led by Andrea Cyril Khurana, an internationally certified master groomer, as well as other attractions like Pets Got Talent and Pet Fashion Show are just a few. of other exciting events this year.

Today’s schedule is very detailed and there is a lot of planning for Anand.

So dogs or cats, the event is too paralyzing-something to remember! So get your strap on and set your destination for NSIC Grounds, Okhla in Delhi.