YouTube removes video dislikes; why over here


New Delhi: YouTube, which is owned by Google, has announced that it will make available a “dislike” button. The button will not be removed. “Dislike” is a term that has a negative connotation. “Users can dislike a video created by a creator if they don’t like it. Creators can choose to show their dislikes as well as their videos on YouTube Studio if they don’t like it.” You will be able to track other metrics about .

The modification is the result of a test conducted by the Google-owned platform earlier this year to see if such an adjustment would reduce hate attacks and creator harassment on the network. YouTube previously discussed how the number of public dislikes can affect creators’ well-being and how focused campaigns to add dislikes to videos can encourage targeted marketing.

While this is true, dislikes can also alert other people to videos that are clickbait, spam or misleading. According to a TechCrunch report, YouTube spent several months testing and analyzing how the modifications affected both users and artists.

According to the report, the company tested various designs to remove the hate numbers, with one displaying the word “dislike” under the thumb-down button instead of the number of dislikes. However, this is the style the firm has chosen (along with the number of dislikes hidden), which is a less irritating adjustment to the row of interaction buttons at the bottom of a video.

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