Year Ender 2022: 5 Styles That Were Made Famous By Celebrities in 2022

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Last Update: December 30, 2022, 17:26 IST

What's your favorite silhouette of 2022?

What’s your favorite silhouette of 2022?

From classics to contemporary silhouettes, here’s a look at what’s hot this year in the world of fashion

Throughout the years celebrities have experimented with silhouettes and styles to keep pace with the times. Be it Kiara’s love for corsets or Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor’s blazer abounds in stylish looks to master the maternity fashion game Bollywood The divas have discovered and won hearts.

As the year comes to a close, here’s a roundup of the silhouettes that were trending and making their way into celebrity closets.


Kiara Advani A reworking of the signature Atelier Versace corset top made from denim and elastic inserts.

Corset style dresses, jumpsuits and tops have joined the closets of celebrities this year. From film promotions to red carpet events, the silhouette has been experimented with by stylists and fashion designers. Embellished with sequins, enhanced with boning techniques and as a sexy bodice over a crisp white shirt, there are so many ways you can style a corset. You can get them made in sheer, denim, crepe, and satin, whatever floats your boat. While it is a perfect style to flaunt your curves, make it a part of your party this New Year’s Eve.

pant suits

Priyanka Chopra Rahul Mishra’s 3D hand embroidered Himadri pantsuit with intricate motifs inspired by nature.

Pantsuits grabbed a lot of attention this year with celebrities experimenting with colour, embroidery and motifs. The classic pantsuit got a makeover in 2022, with each silhouette well received, from vibrant colors to 3D embroidery, worn by stars around the world. Plus, touted as a power suit, the silhouette has gone from boardroom meetings to fancy red carpet soirees. This year it was a hit, maybe next year also these silhouettes can be more haunted and happening.

cut out fabric

Shanaya Kapoor looked drop dead gorgeous in a Giovanni D black velvet dress with a waist cut-out, asymmetrical neck strap and high leg slit.

The style is definitely a cut above the rest, literally! From velvet gowns to sequin dresses, every body-hugging silhouette has been elevated with cutouts. Be it from the side of the waist or the middle of the bodice, the style has been adopted by many celebrities. A daring yet sexy style, it shows off your curves. Experiment with this style at the next party you attend.


Alia Bhatt wore a black blazer by Ranbir Kapoor over a sequined black and white striped dress by Halpern.

Blazers have been a favorite pick as a dress or for layering. Blazer dress in double breasted style made its share in celebrity events. From lace to solid monochromatic colours, blazers have been taken to the next level in 2022. Embellished with structured shoulders and intricate detailing, each blazer is re-imagined and designed for a celebrity style quotient.

cum ords

Ananya Lohar In a lime co-ord set from Elme featuring a knit crop top and short skirt.

If 2022 looks like the year of balance, you can credit the coordinating style for it. From pant, knitted crop tops and skirts paired with bustiers to swimwear, coordinated colours, patterns and embellishments were the favorite picks of the season. Fashion designers and brands created a range of coordinating styles to fit the occasion. From Diwali to Christmas, co-ord style was a part of every celebrity celebration.

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