World Book Day: 5 New Fictions That You Need To Read Immediately, If You Already Have Not

These books will touch your soul in ways that cannot be explained.

These books will touch your soul in ways that cannot be explained.

If you are looking for books that will stay on your heart for a long time, here is a checklist that you can follow

Are you one of those people who used to love reading at some point in life but now hardly find time for it? Well, it’s wise to say that you’re not alone in the dark pit. Due to our busy schedules, we often miss out on the finer things in life, one of which is the act of reading. Going back to your old reading habits in a jiffy can be a bit difficult and will definitely take you some time and you will have to be extremely patient with yourself and take it one step at a time.

Meanwhile, here are 5 amazing fantasies that you can enjoy-

  1. Yesterday and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabriel Zevin
    This New York Times Bestseller was also honored as a Goodreads Winner for Best Fiction last year. This heartwarming book revolves around two college friends Sam and Sadie who are often in love but sadly never become lovers. The two become creative partners in the dazzling and intricate fantasy world of video game design, where success brings them fame, bliss, tragedy, duplicity, and ultimately a kind of immortality. It is a love story, but the story is not like the ones you have read or heard before.
  2. Carrie Soto Is Back: A Novel by Taylor Jenkins Reed
    This powerful book is often cited as one of the best fiction reads of the year 2022. The heartwarming story takes us through an iconic father-daughter duo, their lives, sacrifices, careers and strengths. Protagonist Carrie Soto has one of the best records ever held by any female tennis player, and she is determined to maintain it, even if it means coming out of retirement, wrecking her reputation and losing her endorsements . The book brilliantly captures the double standards powerful women often face and paints an uplifting portrait of a woman who dares to follow her dreams.
  3. The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman
    Rumor has it that this absolutely record-breaking book will be made into a major movie by none other than Steven Spielberg. Richard Osman takes you to a peaceful retirement village where four unlikely friends meet once a week to investigate unsolved murders. But when a brutal murder turns up on their doorstep, the Thursday Murder Club find themselves in the middle of their first live case. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron may be pushing eighty, but they still have a few tricks up their sleeve. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens.
  4. School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan
    Barack Obama claimed several times that it was his favorite read of 2022. School for Good Mothers is an explosive and thrilling novel about love, perfectionism, and parenthood. This is the story of Frieda, a 39-year-old mother of a baby girl, Harriet. She struggles with co-parenting after her ex-husband eloped with his mistress. So, at the height of what she constantly thinks of as her “very bad day”, Frieda leaves Harriet alone in their home in an exorciser. for more than two hours. While she goes to get coffee and escapes to the office. When she is somehow caught, Harriet is taken from her and Frieda is eventually sent by the government to a year of re-education school with other mothers and fathers.
  5. On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vung
    Longlisted for the 2019 National Book Award for Fiction, it is a letter from a son to a mother who cannot read. A lyrical work of self-discovery that’s surprisingly intimate and insistently universal. With surprising urgency and grace, Ocean Vuong writes about people trapped between different worlds and asks how we heal and rescue each other without giving up who we are. The question of how to survive, and how to make it blissful, powers the most important debut novel of many years.

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