Women’s choice to work, not to do: Mumbai HC said – even if a woman is educated, she is not required to work

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The Mumbai High Court on Saturday ordered that if a woman is a graduate, she is not required to work. Mumbai High Court judge Bharti Dangre said- If a woman is educated, it does not mean that she should work. She can even sit at home if she wants.

what is the whole matter
A revision application filed by the husband was being heard in the High Court of Mumbai. In this, an order of the Family Court of Pune was challenged. In this the husband was directed to pay the maintenance of his wife. His wife has a steady income.

woman’s choice to work or not
During the hearing in this case, the husband’s lawyer Abhijeet Sarwate said – The family court has wrongly ordered the maintenance of the husband despite the wife doing the job. On this, Judge Bharti Dangre said- Our society has not yet accepted that the woman of the house must make financial contribution.

To work or not to work is a woman’s choice. The judge asked the lawyer that today I am the judge, tomorrow suppose I sit at home. Will you say ‘I am eligible to be a judge and I should not sit at home’.

wife had demanded maintenance
In this case, the marriage of husband and wife took place in 2010. In 2013, the wife started living separately with her daughter. In April 2013, the woman filed a case against her husband and his family under the Domestic Violence Act and demanded family maintenance.

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