Who is Zubeena Zareen? First wife of Dawood Ibrahim; know all about her

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Dawood Ibrahim an Indian mafia kingpin, drug kingpin and most wanted terrorist has married again, this time to a Pakistani Pathan woman. He is not divorced from his first wife Zubeena Zareen. This disclosure was made by Dawood’s nephew in front of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in September last year. The NIA had registered a case against Dawood Ibrahim and his close aides in the terror funding case and arrested some people. The NIA was informed that Dawood Ibrahim was forming a special team that would attack influential politicians and businessmen of the country. In big cities they can spread violence. Alisha Parkar, son of Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar, gave a statement to the NIA as part of the probe into the matter.

Who is Zubeena Zareen?

Zubina Zareen is the first wife of Dawood Ibrahim. She was born in 1960 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Zubeen Zareen is also known as Mehjabeen Sheikh. She married Dawood Ibrahim around 1990 and had two children. There are very few pictures of him in the public domain and most are grainy and old. His daughter Mahrukh Ibrahim married Junaid Miandad (Javed Miandad’s son) and had a child. Zubina Zareen’s second daughter Mehreen married Ayub (a Pakistani-American citizen) in 2011 and their third daughter Maria Ibrahim was born in 2012.

According to reports, Zubeena went to her birthplace in 2017, where she saw her father Salim Kashmiri for the first time. However, there is still no information available about his mother and brothers and sisters. She went to a government institute to study.

Where does Dawood Ibrahim currently live?

Dawood Ibrahim currently lives in Karachi, Pakistan. In 2020, Pakistan listed three addresses in Karachi for Dawood Ibrahim in a government document. “White House, near Saudi Mosque, Clifton” in Karachi, Pakistan; Apart from “House No 37 – 30th Street – Defence, Housing Authority, Karachi” and “Luxurious bungalow in hilly area of ​​Noorabad in Karachi”. Now according to Dawood’s nephew, he is living behind the dargah of Abdullah Ghazi Baba in Defense Colony, Karachi, Pakistan.