White House refuses to confirm report that US extended help to Indian military to repel Chinese ‘incursion’

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Image source: File White House refuses to confirm report that US helped Indian Army to repel Chinese ‘intrusion’

white House: The White House recently declined to confirm a news report that said the US had provided India with vital real-time intelligence to repel Chinese incursions in the Himalayas. John Kirby, the National Security Council’s coordinator for strategic communications at the White House, said during a daily news conference on Monday, “No, I can’t confirm that” when asked about the news report.

What did the report say?

In a special report, US News said that India was able to repel a Chinese military incursion into the border region in the high Himalayas late last year due to unprecedented intelligence-sharing with the US military, an act that drew the attention of China’s People’s Liberation Army was shut down- Guards, angering Beijing; And it appears to have forced the Chinese Communist Party to reconsider its approach to land grabs along its borders.

Soldiers of India and China clashed with each other

Indian and Chinese troops clashed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang sector on December 9 and the face-off resulted in “minor injuries to some personnel on both sides” in the Arunachal Pradesh region for the first time, US government reports. Citing a source familiar with a previously unreported US intelligence review of the encounter, the PLA provided real-time details to its Indian counterparts about Chinese positions and force strength ahead of the intrusion.

“The information included actionable satellite imagery and was more detailed and delivered more quickly than anything the US had previously shared with the Indian military,” it said. The subsequent skirmish involving hundreds of soldiers wielding spiked clubs and tasers resulted in no casualties as in previous encounters, but was limited to a dozen or so injuries and most apparently a Chinese retreat .

The unnamed source claimed that the US helped India deal with the situation

“They were waiting. And that’s because the US had given everything to India to be fully prepared for it. It represents a test case of the success of how the two armies are now cooperating and sharing intelligence,” an unnamed source said. the Daily.

Relations between India and China took a turn for the worse in June 2020 after the fierce clashes in the Galwan Valley, which marked the most serious military conflict between the two sides in decades. India has told China that bilateral relations cannot be normalized until there is peace in the border areas.

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