When Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar turned therapists for depressed Kapil Sharma | Aap Ki Adalat EXCLUSIVE

Kapil Sharma with Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar
Image Source: File Image Kapil Sharma with Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar

Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma graced India TV’s iconic show Aap Ki Adalat, where India TV’s Editor-in-Chief and Chairman Rajat Sharma quizzed him about his passion for films, his twin personalities as well as him being a ‘late comer’. The comedian dismissed all the allegations with his charming personality and opened up about a time in his life when anxiety and depression had taken a toll on his mental well-being. Kapil told that during that time he took many wrong steps and felt helpless and alone. there was a time when Kapil Sharma He had to cancel the shows of his popular comedy show as he was unable to come and shoot due to his anxiety issues. That too when the shoot was with big names of Bollywood Shahrukh KhanAjay Devgan and Akshay Kumar,

Talking to Rajat Sharma about the same, Kapil Sharma revealed that there were times when he wanted to lock himself in a room and not talk to anyone and then, there were days when he wanted to get up and work. But he used to go. shoots. He also started drinking heavily at that time which was reflected in his angry tweets at night. Kapil revealed that the support of his wife Ginni and kind words from the likes of Shah Rukh and Akshay Kumar inspired him to overcome depression.

Kapil Sharma said that once Shah Rukh Khan was shooting near his location, he called the comedian, made him sit in his car and consoled him for over an hour. He said, “It was a period of anxiety and depression for me. I was in no condition to work. My job was to make people laugh, but how can I make others laugh if I am not happy. That’s why I started.” Drinking alcohol Well, I didn’t keep other stars waiting, but many shoots got cancelled. I am saddened when the shooting of Ajay Devgan sahib got cancelled. He loves me, and he knew actors go through these phases. One night, Shah Rukh bhai was shooting at Film City, he came in his car at night, took me out and for about an hour he explained to me “Itna tujhe pyaar mil raha hai, tu itna kyun tension le raha hai”, but Wo cheez mere control nahi thi, sir (things were not in my control).” Similarly, he revealed that Akshay Kumar also spoke to him a lot at that time and guided him to become better.

Kapil Sharma further said, “I knew that I would come out of that period, but I felt that if I come out in the daylight, when the sun rays fall on my eyes, I will not be able to talk. I am a I can talk to a crowd.” Lakh people, but at that time I was not able to talk to even four people. Depression was a topic that we had never heard of in our home town (Amritsar). We’d heard of headaches and stomach aches, didn’t know what it was, was it depression and anxiety? Akshay paaji called me on his set, he also explained me carefully. It was a really sad period.”

Kapil Sharma confesses to Rajat Sharma that all his actions were the result of his depression and now he is in a happy place. He credits his wife, Ginni, for bringing stability in his life and motivating him to be a better person. His children inspire him to do good work and serve as a role model.

On the work front, Kapil Sharma is currently seen making the audience laugh in his show- The Kapil Sharma Show, which airs every weekend on TV. His next Bollywood film ‘Jwigato’ is also all set to release on 17th March. The film is directed by Nandita Das and also stars Shahana Goswami. The film is about a man named Manas (Kapil), who loses his managerial job during the Covid lockdown and is forced to take up the job of a delivery boy. How he survives in that competitive environment when all the delivery boys are working to earn incentives and how he takes care of his family forms the core of the film.

Watch the trailer of Zwigato here-

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