WhatsApp’s upcoming features: From enhanced privacy to enhanced photo sharing, here’s what’s in store


Facebook (now Meta)-owned WhatsApp Many new features have been introduced this year. Now, the company has more features coming to both Android and iOS users, many of whom are already testing on the beta version of WhatsApp. Android And iOS Device. From adding the option to pause and resume voice recording to a load of new custom privacy options, WhatsApp has brought a number of upgrades to the app.

According to WaBetaInfo, these features will currently be available to some beta users and a wider stable version rollout may come into the picture later. The messaging app is reportedly working on bringing an option to send HD photos without including the quality. Here is a list of features that may soon roll out on the WhatsApp application.

HD Features

WhatsApp is finally in the mood to address the elephant in the room. For a long time, users have been demanding a better option for sharing photos. The current photo-sharing option reduces the quality of the photo being shared. But with the advent of WhatsApp HD Photos, users will now be able to share photos in original quality.

more privacy

whatsapp is also Bringing a New Privacy Option Which will allow users to select the contact who cannot see their display picture. With the “Except My Contacts” option, WhatsApp is giving more control over privacy to its users. This option can also come for Last Seen and About Status feature.

unknown business account

WhatsApp has introduced an unknown business account option that will let users know when an unknown business account contacts them. While this option was already present on the app, its placement has been changed to provide a better experience and understanding of who you are chatting with. This option will reportedly be available only for Android users at present.

Pause and resume sound recording

There will also be an upcoming WhatsApp feature give users a choice To pause the recording of their voice and resume it later. This feature will come in very handy in situations when you are not able to record messages in one go.

Delete button option.

WhatsApp is also considering extending the deadline for deleting messages. The company is looking to extend the deadline and may even keep the window open indefinitely before you can “delete for all.”

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