What’s in a fat suit? Here’s what you need to know about prosthetics

A thick suit is a commonly used prosthesis in movies that is used to make the actor look on the heavier side. Usually, it is topped with prosthetic makeup which helps in completing the look required for a particular role. It has been used extensively in Hollywood movies over the years. In fact, the latest incident happened when the Oscar winner Renee Zellweger Was seen in a thick suit while shooting for her new project titled The Thing About Palm in New Orleans.

There are usually movies and roles that require the actor to gain weight and then lose weight immediately. However, it is time consuming and even rapid weight loss can affect one’s health. In these cases, a thicker suit helps the actor look overweight. Thick suits are mainly concealed or sometimes intentionally visible. Undergarments such as most of these bodysuits are intended to be overlooked and worn under a dress. While there are some, which appear as natural human flesh and are directly observed.

Reportedly, these thick suits are very sophisticated and require proper and extensive three-dimensional prosthetic makeup, which is more than just applying a pillow under the actor’s shirt. The final output that we see on the screen required long hours of painstaking facial makeup to make it look real. The jawline and multiple chins are all part of a makeup routine that should be paired with a suit, which majorly covers the arms, legs, breasts and abdomen.

There are many movies and TV series that have received appreciation for the use of this type of prosthetics. Not many roles have used it on a serious note. Most actors wearing thick suits are usually part of a comedy film or TV series. One of the most viewed or acclaimed role was the famous sitcom Friends where Monica Geller is shown as a fat kid during her college days. Courteney Cox, who plays Monica, shot for several episodes in a thick suit and was adored in her fat avatar.

Similarly, Eddie Murphy impressed us with his performance as Sherman Klump in The Nutty Professor. The actor used a thick suit which helped him to look thick and thin as and when needed as per the plot of the film. On a recent note, Chris Hemsworth wore a fat suit for this role as Thor in the latest edition of Avengers: Endgame. The actor gave a fun twist to the superhero role with a thick suit.

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