Weight Loss Story: “I Eat Green Chillies With My Meals to Boost Metabolism” | The Times of India

My breakfast: I avoided carbs like bread for breakfast, instead I still had boiled eggs, poha, cheela (besan), and a big glass of cold coffee (without sugar).

My Lunch: I have one roti for lunch, I had 2 earlier, instead of roti which is again carbs, I have a big bowl of lentils and vegetables. In short, I replaced the carbs with proteins in my meals.

My Dinner: For me, dinner is usually the same as my lunch. However, it is a game-changer. I have dinner latest by 7 pm. Eating early dinner made me lose weight fast. After dinner I keep on an empty stomach for 13-15 hours and have a big bowl of fruits, first thing in the morning.

Pre-Workout Meals: Before a workout, I have nothing and I recommend not taking anything, as a full stomach can give you a bad stomach ache after a workout.

Post-Workout Meal: I workout in the afternoon, so I eat my lunch immediately after doing this (after about 10-15 minutes)

I indulge in (what you eat on your cheat days): I order a medium pizza once a fortnight, and the occasional Belgian chocolate ice cream, or hot chocolate fudge with hot sauce and vanilla.

Low-Calorie Recipes I Swear by: I try to follow a very low-calorie recipe without starving myself. I have fiber rich food like apple, beans, banana, moreover, any homemade Indian food (less oil and butter) is best. weight loss.


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