Wearing suits, earrings and bangles, Barbie will give competition to the world: Indian look is liked by people, it is neither afraid of society nor of troubles

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New Delhi2 hours ago

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The company that makes Barbie dolls has introduced the Indian look of Barbie. In this, she is seen wearing a suit, bangles and earrings. Recently, Deepika Mutyala has shared its picture on social media, which is going viral these days.

Presenting the first Indian version of Barbie

Metal, the maker of Barbie dolls, had previously released black and Hispanic Barbie dolls in 1980 and now collaborated with YouTuber Dipika Mutyala to present the first Indian version of Barbie. However, Deepika revealed that the doll is not yet available for sale. Its image has just been released. This Barbie prototype is based on a Caucasian feature.

how is barbie’s new look

Deepika is the founder and CEO of the makeup brand Live Tinted. She has shared a photo of Indian Barbie doll on social media platform. In this, many features related to this doll have been told. The doll is shown wearing a power suit with earrings and bangles. Sharing the details, Deepika said- ‘Meet the Barbie of 2022’. His eyes are big. The eyebrows are thick. She proudly wears her power suit, earrings and bangles. He is ready to come among new people in a new form. This is his new identity.

Somebody called the new look Priyanka and some called Deepika

As soon as this picture came on social media, everyone started discussing the look of this doll. Some are telling this doll to be a copy of Priyanka Chopra, some Deepika Padukone and some are telling it to be similar to Bipasha Basu. Deepika has posted a picture of the new Barbie from her Instagram account. It has been liked by about 76 thousand people, while more than 22 hundred people have made interesting comments on this picture.

purpose of ending apartheid

The main reason behind launching Indian Barbie and giving it a brown color is to end apartheid. Till now the Barbie doll was a brown doll which looks like an angel but now its look has not only changed by giving it a different look in the Indian market. Now it is also showing a strong woman. A woman who wants to move ahead by breaking social constraints. This Barbie is fearless, neither afraid of society nor of troubles.

Barbie changed clothes on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday

Barbie is an American toy maker. On the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, the company updated one of its toy products to give it the look of a queen. Actually, the company is celebrating the platinum jubilee of Barbie on the completion of its 75 years. This was done to commemorate the Queen’s birthday and 75 years of the company.

Such a craze to become a Barbie, got a dozen surgeries done

A woman named Blondie is obsessed with becoming the super version of Barbie. 7 years ago she was like any normal American woman. She used to do modeling even then, but she got obsessed with getting her second avatar one day. Telling her story to a channel called Truly, Blondie tells that she wanted her 2.0 avatar, which was that of the superhero Barbie.

For this he first focused his attention on body transformation. According to the channel, Blondie has resorted to facelift, lip lift, lip implant, eye surgery, cheek lift and face lift surgery for this.

He spent more than 1 lakh US dollars i.e. 72 lakh 50 thousand rupees for this look. She also realizes that the amount is huge but she didn’t mind spending it for her dream look.

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