Water appeal to Haryana on humanitarian grounds: CM Arvind Kejriwal – Henry Club

According to Delhi Jal Board (DJB) vice-chairman Saurabh Bhardwaj, Delhi’s water production has declined by about 100 MGD (million gallons per day).

While visiting Wazirabad barrage on Friday, he said that the water level of Wazirabad pond has come down from normal 674.5 feet to 667.7 feet. “There is only 6 inches of water in the river. The water depth in the river at Wazirabad Barrage is generally around 8 feet. Our pumps are unable to lift water from the river and production has been affected. There is a shortfall of around 100 MGD. This indicates that water from Haryana is not being released into Yamuna at all,” he said.

Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal He said that he would request Haryana to provide more water to them on humanitarian grounds. After meeting the LG, Kejriwal told the media, “We will request Haryana if they can give us some more water.” Even if they are giving all the water… there is no need to go to the law. There is a shortage of water in Delhi at this time. So it would be good if they give us some more water on humanitarian grounds, because the water level of Yamuna has dropped. It should not go into how much is being given or not. It is just that Delhi is facing water scarcity and it needs water.”

Temporary arrangements have been made to try to divert the almost dry river water. These include a dredging system and new pumps installed at the Wazirabad barrage. “The water in the barrage, which covers an area of ​​700-800 metres, will be collected at one place and then temporarily lifted using new pumps,” said a communication from the DJB. The sand is removed with the help of a dredger to create a cavity where the water can collect at a depth sufficient to draw water from the pumps.

Bharadwaj told Indian Express The Upper Yamuna River Board has also been contacted. “We have written to the Upper Yamuna River Board to instruct Haryana to release the water,” he said, adding that the dredging machines and pumps are only temporary measures, and the situation is “extraordinary”.

“We have never used such measures before. This is historic,” he said.

Kejriwal also requested Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena to take up the water problem with Haryana to improve the supply in Delhi. In a statement, LG House said Saxena assured the Chief Minister that he would take up the issue at an appropriate level.