Watch: When Google CEO Sundar Pichai forgot to unmute himself – Times of India

Google Parent Alphabet CEO Beautiful Pichai has shared a video where he forgot to unmute himself while talking. pichai A two-minute long video of the incident has been shared on Twitter. he is talking in the video kermit The Frog, a Muppet character created in 1955. Referring to the incident, Pichai tweeted the following today – “Always remember to unmute.”
“Hello, beautiful,” says Kermit Pichai in the video clip, welcoming him to the conversation as part of YouTube’s Dear Earth series. Pichai responds to Kermit, however, that the tech giant’s CEO is inaudible as his mic is mute. “Pretty, I think you’re dumb. Wow, can’t believe I’m talking to the CEO of Google, and he’s dumb,” Kermit says.

Pichai realizes his mistake and says, “Sorry Kermit. I was mute, and I’ve done it many times this year like everyone else. I’m a big fan of you and yours.” the Muppets,” Pichai told Kermit.
In the video, Pichai and Kermit the Frog later on the YouTube special ‘Dear Earth’ discuss the Muppets’ performance and sustainability initiatives and their importance to the Earth. The two also talk about their favorite videos on YouTube. Pichai talks about the videos he and his kids love to watch on YouTube. He says he loves watching videos on cooking, science and highlights of cricket and football games. In the past too, the India-born executive has shared his love for cricket.