WATCH: BTS drops hilarious new ‘Butter’ music video; Prove they take their props very seriously – Times of India

It was karaoke time for the breaking boys – bts — and they made sure to have fun while they were at it.

rm, Jiminhandjob J-Hopehandjob suckhandjob jungkook, V and gin Took her best and got ready to step right next to the beat of her summer hit track’butter‘. Mixing and matching props to wear fun headgear, wigs and sunglasses The boys proved they’re serious about props, especially while getting funky for a cool video.

Army Didn’t understand what to expect when the boys took him behind the scenes as he caught his mind for the video and also found new ways to cover the track with new choreography.

Viewed in this 11.39 minute video rm And Jungkook teamed up for the rap segment, while Jimin, Jin, and Suga came up with an interesting jig.

J-Hope with his chicken hat and V with his cute hairband, brought their A-game to the floor as they sang and danced to their tracks.

‘Butter’ topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song debuted at the number one spot and has since topped the chart for five consecutive weeks. It was the band’s second English-language single, after the 2020 hit ‘Dynamite’.

As per the latest reports, the song has been released in . can also be played during euro 2020 Final at Wembley Stadium.

Meanwhile, BTS is also all set to walk the ramp for a high-end fashion brand. The boys, who became ambassadors of the French brand earlier this year, will dress up and walk the ramp for Wednesday’s virtual fashion show.


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