Want to take a full-page screenshot in Windows 10 or 11? Here’s HOW

New Delhi: While using a browser, there may be something important that you want to save for later. But there are no such options. So what we can do is take screenshots of that part. Taking a screenshot of an appropriate area is a pinch but what if the webpage is long? You might be thinking of taking multiple screenshots.

But do you know that the long portion of a webpage can also be captured in a single screenshot? Yes, it is true by taking a scrolling screenshot. Continue reading to find out the answer to this. (Also Read: Message delete for everyone: WhatsApp Group Admins can delete any message for everyone, new feature in iOS Beta)

Scrolling Screenshot

Scrolling Screenshot allows you to capture entire web pages with just a few taps. Instead of sending multiple screenshots, Scroll Capture will collect everything into a single file that you can share all at once, saving you time and energy. One can take a scrolling screenshot similarly on a PC to how one can on a smartphone. Particularly in the Chrome browser, which offers a variety of plugins to improve your browsing. We’ll use an extension on Chrome to capture a scrolling screenshot. (Also Read: Forgotten your wifi password? Here’s the step-by-step guide to find your password easily for Windows 7,8,10 &11)

Steps of taking a scrolling screenshot: 

– Install the extension of the Chrome browser.

– On the top right corner of the browser, there is a GoFullPage icon. Click on the icon.

– You can also visit the page by clicking here.

– Go to the webpage of which you want to take a screenshot.

– Click on the GoFullPage option.

After clicking on it, the program will scan the full web page you are on and take a scrolling screenshot. The screenshot is now available for editing, annotation, and download as a PDF or PNG file. The scrolling screenshot can also be shared however you like.