Vishal Jethwa Didn’t Act Like ‘Fan’ on Salaam Venky Set, Says ‘Kajol Ma’am Would Have Slapped Me’

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After appearing in television shows such as Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap, Peshwa Bajirao and Thapki Pyar Ki, actor Vishal Jethwa made his Hindi film debut with Rani Mukerji starrer Mardaani 2 (2019). Referred to by many as an unconventional launch pad, the film saw him play a ruthless and dangerous kidnapper and won him widespread critical acclaim. And now, he is all set for the release of his upcoming film titled Salaam Venky. Based on a true story, he plays actor Kajol’s on-screen son, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

In an exclusive chat with News18, the 28-year-old revealed what attracted him to the emotional drama. “One of Revathi (director) ma’am’s assistants called me. I am very happy to know that Kajol ma’am is also going to be a part of this film.”

While he is excited to share screen space with Kajol in Salaam Venky, Vishal feels it was important to control his excitement while at work. “The fan in me will always live on but if I would talk and behave as a fan on the sets and not as an actor, Kajol ma’am would have slapped me really hard and it would have hurt (laughs) . Also, acting like a fan would have affected my performance,” says the human actor.

He further adds, “I usually channel my inner fan boy only when I finish working on a film and then meet him. In the case of Salaam Venky, we recently went on a reality show and performed for Kajol ma’am. That’s how I lived my moment as a fan. On the sets, an actor should not behave like a fan and if they feel like flirting or fanboying someone, they should learn to control themselves because it is really important.

Quiz Vishal if the film – which revolves around a mother and a son – helped him cherish his relationship with his mother even more, and he says, “It’s not that Salaam Venky gave me this Helped me realize how important my mom is. I’ve always loved her dearly. I’ve seen her journey – up close and personal. There’s not just one thing that makes me love her. She’s my She is a living goddess for me and I truly believe so.I try to make her feel that with every gesture I make.

He further adds, “After losing my father, I realized that I must learn to value and respect my loved ones, who are still with me, so that I do not regret not loving them enough after they are gone. Do not be I’ve always had this thing in my head.”

Shedding more light on the relationship he shared with his mother, Vishal elaborated, “It probably comes from a place of prejudice of a son towards his mother, but I always want my brother and sister to always listen to her and listen to her. To make her feel scolded for agreeing with her. Important My mother may not always be right about everything, but I am always very supportive of her.

But has there been any change in his dynamic since he started his career as an actor? “In families, it usually happens that when parents are the only earning members, their power overpowers everyone else as they become the decision makers. And since I started earning, my mother must have also felt that her strength is waning. But whatever she says and thinks, I always say yes,” commented Vishal. ,

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